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The town hall

The old town hall was built in the renaissance style in 1555 - 1557.


Church of St. Petr and Pavel

The oldiest historic building in the town is the church of St. Petr and Pavel. Probably it was built in the place of the original chapel of St. Mary, as indicates the late roman and early gothic fragments of stone pieces in the walling from the end of the 12th century or beginning of the 13th century. After fire in 1507, the church was reconstructed in the late-gothic style. The nave of the church is vaulted by the typically South Bohemian reticulated vault, supported by three pillars. There are two star vaults under the choir loft.

Daylight enters the church through the colourful gothic windows. There is a picture of St. Petr saying goodbye to St. Pavel from the second half of the 18th century on the main altar.


Church of St. Florian

The one-nave church of St. Florian was built around 1500. The church´s presbytery and the nave have the late gothic reticulated vault. The main baroque altar with the statues of St. Sebestian and St. Roch and on the top statue of St. Florián comes from the 17th century.


Chapel of St. Josef and St. Barbora

Originally a protestant church war rebuilt as a church-hospital in 1738. The presbytery was rebuilt as the chapel of St. Josef and St. Barbory. Today there is a primary art school in this place. Pedagogue and painter PhDr. Milan Kyzour used to teach in this school.


The brewery Na Belidle

It is the biggest, well-kept building in the town. The brewery was founded by Lady Marie Magdalena Buquoy in 1648. After the fire in 1718 it was built bigger. The beer brewing was discontinued in the fifties of  the 20th century.


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