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Kravi mountain

Far away visible mountain of vaulted shape - Kravi mountain - cow´s moutain (orginally stone´s mountain) - belongs to the most unmistikable domain of Novohradske hory mountains.

On its 953 metres high peak we found rock-like wall, lots of seperate rocks and well-known bizzar structure "Napoleons head" 10 metres high. Before this place was grazed by cows (for that reason name cow´s mounatin) stoned sea tady become overgrown.  

Iron military tower from year 1989 (probadly last one from past regime) just beneath peak, was in 2001 rebuild into telecommunication tower as well as observation tower. After defeating 129 +1 steps we can see not only surroundings peaks like Kuni hill, austrian Mandelstein, Tischberg or Aichenlberg but also southbohemian basin on the north. However in good weather is possilble to see Sumava´s peaks like Smrcina, Plechy and Knizeci Stolec, or even Alpen on the south. However very rarely. Total high of tower is 37 metres. 

Observation tower is free accessible all year.

Departura point ist mostly Hojna Voda (good parking area) and then comfortably  on green or steeply on red (cca 1,5 km). Another possibility is from Dobra Voda, however it is longer option.


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