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Poluška Highlands is an interesting landscape between the cities of Krumlov and Kaplice only scarcely touched by human activities. Only 9 km northwest of Kaplice, the highest peak Poluška (919 m) rises above extensive woods, near it the other peak Kraví hora (909 m)

To the peak Poluska does not lead any from marked trails. It is possible reach it on forest trails, cycle rout and tourist marks. Douring your trip you can see a few openings in forest to walley which axis constitute of river Malse which divided Sumava mountains and Novohradske mountains.

If you set departure point in Kaplice start out to Omlenicka (cycle rout no. 1188) and from Omlenicka to north on red and blue tourist mark. Blue tourist mark line ntersting trail named " Way of resistance" and leads you to outstanding country with extinct villages. After one kilomentr turn up to slope along meadows on red tourist mark. Openings and lookouts in these parts are interesting. On red tourist mark is possible to countiuend almost under the peak. In entire exctint village Rojov (Roiden) is now visible only headstoned, small chapel, hidden ruins of house and unusual garten. It is almost unbeliavable in year 1920 was here 20 houses! From red mark go over to cycle rout no. 1200 and left to almost last turn and again to left a then right to peak. From Kaplice it makes almost 3 hours.

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