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Poresin castle

The ruins of the Pořešín castle lie on the rock above the valley of the Malše river, about 5 km north of the town Kaplice. The castle was built in the 13th century by Bavor III of Strakonice and had been destroyed at the beginning of the 15th century. You can visit there new Castle museum...

Sdružení Hrady na Malši

Departure point (blue tourist mark( we can set from park in city. We set out along left sode of river Malse. We passing a samll power station and then behind it we enter woods, river become wilder and in shapr-edged is breaking rocks.

 We walk into mild part and gettng closer to scenic place by confluence Malse with rivulet Cerna. Way continues edge of forest over meadowa. Left bank is getting raise, but from beginning is journey still comfortable. Only in the end of part raising steep and hillside slope down to the river. In this place is necessary wariness and skilfulness. Castle ruins appear on the left side. The way up is leading on the left side of ruins.


Poresin was first object in Czech republic which has tour with large-area description or projection according to frenhc model. In differnt places we can find 6 boards with " how it looks like in past". In future increase in number four (in total) as well as description of buildings like for example tower or prison. So visitors can make tour by themself. There we can find castle muzeum with founded artefacts or costum of Lord. Castle muzeum become one of the most important institution which give to us opportunity to take a look in mediavel ages of our ancestors, not only at castles of Malse but in whole region of Pomalsi.


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