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Kohout, Vysoký Kámen

Nature park "Soběnovská vrchovina" - Sobenov Highlands ("Slepici hory"). It's not large but very charming ridge south of Ceske Budejovice, foothills of nearby "Novohradske hory" - Nove Hrady Mountains, recumbent on the border between South Bohemia and Austrian Waldviertel.

Neighbour Vysoky Kamen ( High Stone) also named Slepice (Hen) offer more interesant lookaouts and in its neighbourhood located oustanding numerous of rock´s stuctures. Red tourist mark (way from Benesov nad Cernou) have lead on also called "Heavenly steps". According to legends was from moutain transmitted fire signal to surraundings and during times of Celts was mountain cult place.

 To climb up Vysoky Kamen (High Stone) is possible to use trail from diferent ways. Yelow tourist mark leads from Kleni, red tourist mark from west  or cycle rout no. 1187 (from Dekanske Skaliny)


The highest tip is "Kohout" - Rooster (870 m.n.m), "Vysoký kámen", called "Slepice" - Hen (865 m.n.m.) and "Besednická hora" (753 m.n.m).


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