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Poresin castle


The ruins of the Pořešín castle lie on the rock above the valley of the Malše river, about 5 km north of the town Kaplice. The castle was built in the 13th century by Bavor III of Strakonice and ...... celý článek

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Museum of Horse-drawn Railway in Bujanov


In the Bujanov Museum of Horse-drawn Railway it is possible to find information about the history of this unique monument, which was founded in the first half of the 19th century. It was the first of ...... celý článek

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Poluška Highlands is an interesting landscape between the cities of Krumlov and Kaplice only scarcely touched by human activities. Only 9 km northwest of Kaplice, the highest peak Poluška (919 m) ...... celý článek

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The Schrötter manor house


In Mostky, at the place where Jan´s mill used to be, the Schrötter company established a sewing fakctory in 1889. The factory stopped existing a long time ago. The living block called manor house ...... celý článek

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Hill Hradišťský vrch


Trip with a touch of mystery. In this place used to be a prehistoric fortified settlement. Hill is located near the village Hradiště. On this place you can go from Hradiště or Blansko. The height ...... celý článek

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