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Poresin castle


The ruins of the Pořešín castle lie on the rock above the valley of the Malše river, about 5 km north of the town Kaplice. The castle was built in the 13th century by Bavor III of Strakonice and ...... celý článek

4 km od centra městazavřeno
214 m od centra města

Suchý vrch


Near the park is located beautiful city views from hill Suchý Vrch.... celý článek

615 m od centra města

Sokolčí ruin


The ruin of Sokolčí castle is located about 6 km to the east of Kaplice on the Hradiště hill.... celý článek

5 km od centra města

Louzek ruin


The little castle of Louzek is located as a river tear on a wide headland of the fast flowing Malše river, 4 km to the south of Kaplice.... celý článek

4 km od centra města

Svatý Kámen


Pilgrimage place with a miraculous source and mysterious reputation.... celý článek

9 km od centra města

Lookout Slabošovka


This combined telecommunications and lookout tower has been standing in Slabošovka since 2002. It is 36 metres tall; public access extends to a height of 24 metres. The view of the surrounding area ...... celý článek

7 km od centra města

Water stone


A stone with hollow where watter never be drying out. This stone is possible to fing in fields under ash tree on the so called church path from Cetviny to Janova ves. Past extinct village Cetviny ...... celý článek

14 km od centra města

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